As well as providing security staff, we also train our people – and other security personnel – to keep standards in the industry high, especially in the areas where we operate.

Customer service

Customer service is at the heart of any successful security operation. Our staff think about the client’s needs, but also about their customers. We treat everyone – whether they represent a potential problem or not – politely, positively and professionally. Our customer service enables our people to act in the right way whatever the situation.

Conflict management

Sometimes, problems will arise. When that happens, you need a good resolution, quickly. Our staff are trained to intervene calmly, decisively and effectively – to achieve the best possible outcome for all concerned.

Physical intervention and first aid

Unfortunately, there are times when people are determined to cause trouble. Our operatives know how to step in without escalating a situation. Whatever the provocation, they remain professional, defuse situations and achieve a resolution. They are also fully trained in first aid, able to treat minor injuries and know when to call for professional healthcare.

Search techniques

Security personnel in a variety of situations need to know how to search people quickly, effectively and with a minimum of intrusion. We train our people to carry out general searches, randomly targeted searches and more specific searches for items or of particular people.