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NTK offers a variety of training programmes to enable you to become a highly-qualified professional in the security services. At NTK we understand the importance of keeping our clients, their employees and their customers safe. We do this by training operatives to act intelligently and giving them the skills and confidence to read environments, act accordingly and if necessary, deal with conflict situations. NTK’s training programmes are much more than just utilising physical ability, we teach our employees to use their intelligence and language to diffuse tension.

We recognise that every security situation is unique and as such, our training programmes form the foundations of our staff’s knowledge, which is then enhanced by our in-depth briefings on each customer’s situation and requirement. Michael Herlihy is a highly accomplished provider of training for the security industry. He hails from the Peter and Dennis Maher stable (SSD Training Services) and is qualified to deliver conflict management and physical intervention training.

Michael Herlihy maintains his subscription to and is an accredited trainer for National Federation for Personal Safety (the NFPS), headed by Mark Dawes. Herlihy refreshes his certificate annually and the NFPS standards are recognised globally in this security field.

Customer Service

Customer service is at the heart of any successful security operation. Our staff think about the client’s needs, but also about their customers. We treat everyone – whether they represent a potential problem or not – politely, positively and professionally. Our customer service training enables our staff to act appropriately, whatever the situation.

Conflict Management

If you or your business requires security services, there is already an assumption that problems can arise. When this happens, it is imperative that to get a good resolution, quickly. Our highly trained staff are taught to intervene calmly, decisively and effectively. We train operatives to read environments, spot the risks and prevent them keeping everyone safe.

Physical Intervention

Unfortunately, there are times when people are determined to cause trouble. Our operatives know how to step in without escalating a situation. Whatever the provocation, they remain professional, diffuse situations and achieve a resolution. They are also fully trained in first aid and know when to call for professional healthcare.

Search Techniques

Security personnel in a variety of situations need to know how to search people quickly, effectively and with a minimum of intrusion. We train our people to carry out general searches, randomly targeted searches and more specific searches for items or of particular people.

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