Q. Are your entire doorman licensed?

A. Yes – all meet with current S.I.A. criteria.


Q. Do you employ female door supervisors?

A. Yes


Q. How long does the S.I.A. registration process take to complete?

A. The S.I.A. state 6-8 weeks, however sometimes it can take longer.


Q. Can we have the same “doorman” every week?

A. We will endeavour to provide a nucleus team that we enhance or reduce dependent on requirements and availability.


Q. Will we get a regular management visit?

A. On receipt of the contract we will:

1. Arrange a site visit in order to conduct a risk assessment.
2. During the first three months the regional manager will undertake a weekly (day or night) site audit.
3. After the three months probationary period and following a review of services a member of the managerial team will visit on a monthly basis.