About Us

We are thorough, efficient and professional

NTK Security operates throughout Essex, Suffolk and London. Established in November 2012, but with history and experience going back 30 years, we specialise in providing registered door supervisors, close-protection operatives and security officers.

Our approach is unique

To us, it’s about knowledge. Our Operations Manager, Michael Herlihy has a recognised and well-respected reputation within the industry and with 30 years experience, his knowledge is key to the success of our services. Herlihy is purposeful in his approach and passionate about the safety of his clients and their customers. We understand the client’s needs and provide exactly what they need for their specific situation. Handling potential trouble in a nightclub, for example, requires a very different approach to managing parking outside a hospital.

Training is at our heart

Our people are positive, polite and professional. They’re trained in door supervision and conflict management, and it goes without saying that they are all registered with the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and CRB-checked. More than this, NTK Security trains its employees to recognise and utilise language in a way that effectively equips them to deal with the modern-day environment and issues. Today’s doormen need to be able to conduct themselves in a vastly different manner which in no small part is due to changes in the personal psychology of end users and the handheld recording devices they have access to. In order to equip our staff for their own protection and that of our clients and their customers, we have to ensure that they have the skills to enter and interact in such complex social situations, which are prevalent on our streets.

Our reputation is key

We are known for being able to turn things around for bars and other establishments with bad reputations. We have an excellent relationship with Essex Police and come highly recommended by local borough council Licensing Officers. Our people are well-presented, open-minded and competent – and good at peace-keeping. We have built up excellent local knowledge of hot spots and repeat offenders. These two elements combine to make us a versatile, capable and well-informed security outfit.