Smart professionals for venues and special events

We have over 25 years of experience, in pubs, clubs and  events as well as at school functions and hospitals. We’ve worked with individuals – guarding celebrities – and with crowds. Our staff are polite, presentable and professional.

We have good communications with local Police, Military Police & Licensing Officers. Our management staff and team leaders have time-served association with key players and firm relationships with training and support networks within the industry.

All your security needs:

Door Supervision
The key to a successful establishment is the right kind of door policy [read…]

Close Protection (Bodyguards)
Our close-protection operatives (bodyguards) have worked with [read…]

Security Officers (Retail & Healthcare)
We provide security for retailers throughout East Anglia [read…]

Guarding (Sites & Overnight)
We can provide whatever your site needs [read…]

Key Holding
Who can you really trust to protect your home and valuables? [read…]

CCTV & Operators
We can help you to install and use closed circuit television (CCTV) [read…]

We also train security personnel in:

Customer Service
Customer service is at the heart of any successful security operation [read…]

Conflict Management
Sometimes, problems will arise. When that happens, you need a good resolution [read…]

Physical Intervention & First Aid
Unfortunately, there are times when people are determined to cause trouble [read…]

Search (General, Random & Specific)
Security personnel in a variety of situations need to know how to search [read…]